Whoopie Pie

    Okay, Kenny now has a taste for Oreo’s.  He even gave me a hard time today, requesting one before his nap, and yet, I had to remind him that he knowingly ate the last one, last night, in order to be convinced to go to bed. Sigh, Bribery…     So Donna and I were … Read more

A new look…

   In a continuing effort to simplify things, I’ve gone to a default theme for the blog, which I think does look much cleaner for the reader.  I also ditched many of the google ads.  It doesn’t look like anyone is clicking on them anyway, and I’m wanting people to feel like I’m providing real … Read more

Closing down the garden.

   Well, yesterday Kenny convinced me to head outside and make use of the longest period without rain we’ve had in weeks (about 12 hours).    I took the opportunity to clean up the garden.  Dismantle the stakes, bring in the lines, throw the dead and dying plants into the yard waste bin, and then … Read more

Pulla sans cardamom.

   Well, on Wednesday Kenny started demanding mummu’s pulla.  After a little looking around, now I think what he really meant was korvapuusti – I’m sure my mother-in-law can set us straight as to what we wanted.  I was down with that, except we didn’t have eggs in the house, and we didn’t have cardamom (I … Read more

Calling it like it is…

   I was talking to a neighbour the other day, and they related how they had recently left a job that they really needed and enjoyed, because their boss was making sexist and insulting comments directly to them.    I really admired their ability to take a stand for both themself, and humanity in general. … Read more