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The AikiHomestead

Our Lifestyle Blog as We Create a Homestead in Northern Ontario


Welcome Page - The AikiHomestead

Welcome to our blog! It's great to have you here. You're welcome to read our entries in any order you like, each post should have the ability to let you move to the preceding or following article easily, and you can get started up at the top there by selecting either the most recent post, or the oldest - it's all up to you!

Join us as we relate the things that stand out to us at these particular moments in time. Sometimes recipes, sometimes pictures of wildlife, and often experiements that just don't quite pan out.

Enjoy your time here, and don't forget to comment on any entries that especially pique your interest - we love to engage with our readers!


Update: Just to get you started, let me put up a couple links of interest that people seem to show up here to view:

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