A Chilly December Morning in the Cabin

So I had a large fire on the last afternoon in November and we opted for no evening fire, although it steadily ran through from 24, 23, 22, 21 and then I went to bed. I woke up on the first of December to this: We haven’t seen that temperature inside since. Not sure if … Read more


I’ve been sitting on these pictures for a little while – just wanted to show the snow accumulation in front of the woodshed. Be careful!  That’s a sharp edge! So pouty. Bonus Hacienda picture.  That’s the resting side.

High Snow

Everyone seems to agree that we’ve received an above average amount of snow here this winter.  A couple of  days ago it finally warmed up above freezing and things started to melt.  This caused the snow to slide off the front porch of the cabin in dramatic fashion – as well as completely around the … Read more