Changing from Blogger to WordPress

Whelp, after over a decade just letting Google handle everything and currently being even MORE isolated than living in the forests of northern Ontario could be (is this an outdated reference when you are reading this?), I’ve finally decided to take more of an interest in the back-end hosting and control of my blog. I … Read more

Internet on the Homestead – AT&T Mifi vs. Motorola Canopy via TBayTel

In as much as we are choosing simplicity (or at least, professing to), we are part of a generation that would find life without internet access to be a bit too primitive and limiting to stomach. Like any other tool, the internet has the capability to do as much harm as benefit.  One can easily … Read more

Aiki Computing – How I learned to stop worrying and love Google.

Over a process that’s taken up a year or two, I’ve realized that simplifying your computer makes for a far richer experience. I’ll likely post more on this subject over the next few days, as it’s something that’s been on my mind quite a bit lately. For starters, let’s discuss email. Here is my list … Read more