Building a Stock Tank Shower or Bath

One thing we really wanted in our new sauna was a way to keep the cleaning process really contained. We felt that the quantities of water splashed about while washing up in the old sauna contributed to a number of boards with mildew stains on them and a generally icky feeling about how things were … Read more

Modifying our Sauna Stove

Our sauna stove always seemed to have one fatal flaw – the fellow who welded it for us felt that he no longer wanted to weld regular steel to stainless steel. This meant that our stainless tank was just “hanging” off the back of the stove. There was about a 1/8″ gap between much of … Read more

Building a Sauna Platform

So we found someone to build us a sauna that seemed to tick off lots of our boxes. We wanted to have a bit of a deck to walk on around the sauna, so I opted instead to build another platform similar to the extra deck I built in the spring off the cabin. First … Read more

Decommissioning the Sauna Water Tanks

So the notion of keeping our fresh water pumped into tanks in the loft of the sauna met cold, hard reality early on in our adventures here. We rapidly realized that keeping the sauna (or at least the tanks) from freezing in winter was a losing prospect. As such, for the first year or two … Read more

Finishing Touches on the Deck

Building the deck and imagining hosting more guests in that space has made me want to make it a bit more cozy. With the corner posts in place, it was much easier to put up a nice sun screen. The other thing that made it a bit more comfortable was to run some jute cable … Read more

Chili Dogs on the New Deck

So there was still some home-cut lumber left from the rack disaster/planned sauna, even after I turned it into some really nice garden beds. I had planned on turning it into a small platform that we could set an outdoor table on to better enjoy the sun and wind during the brief summer season. It … Read more