A New Home Office

So with the upcoming plan to turn our old sauna into more of a “guest cabin”, we’ve realised that there is much less calling for the spare room in the cabin to be defined as the “guest room”. We were discussing my back issues, and how perhaps hours at the kitchen table in a simple … Read more

Improving my Posture at Home

For a couple years now I’ve been doing most of my computing at our Norden Ikea table here in the living room of the cabin. Sitting on a hard wooden chair (better now that my loving Sister V! gave us all fitted, personalized pads for our chairs) and hunched over the laptop. Working on client … Read more

Just How Disgusting Can a Keyboard Get?

I’ve learned an interesting lesson. HP Elitebook keyboards work just fine, but the spaces between the keys sure are a magnet for less than appetizing gunk. Consider the keyboard when purchasing a new computer. To mitigate this situation I have in the past purchased silly putty – just pressing it hard on the spaces between … Read more

Kludgy USB Cable

The other day Donna pointed out that once again, the summer season represented the time when I go more than a month between blog posts. It seems this is usually the time of year when we combine a trip south with activities that just don’t feel quite as blogworthy. And as such, here’s a quick … Read more

Faulty Lithium Batteries

So I was cleaning out our bedroom the other day, and happened to find underneath some components, a cheap Android tablet I purchased a year or two ago for Donna to try out (and maybe for Kenny to favour over the iPad or netbook).  It had gradually been getting flakier and flakier, and I knew … Read more

Internet on the Homestead – AT&T Mifi vs. Motorola Canopy via TBayTel

In as much as we are choosing simplicity (or at least, professing to), we are part of a generation that would find life without internet access to be a bit too primitive and limiting to stomach. Like any other tool, the internet has the capability to do as much harm as benefit.  One can easily … Read more