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Redoing The Laundry Hanger

Wooden slats with mildew stains.So lately I had noticed that the slats on the far side of the laundry hanger had been getting darker. Yuck, mildew?

Mentally I put it on my list of things to address, and then was able to push it aside for a couple weeks at least.

That is until my Mom noted it when visiting. As she rested on the Chesterfield while Kenny hung laundry it was hard not to see and she reminded me that it's something I want to fix sooner rather than later.

Garden stakes on a frame hanging in a log cabin. purchased some steel rods that I planned to somehow link together and attach to the brackets - and worry about rust stains somewhere further in the future. Then on another stop in the city, I came across these extra long stakes at (where else?) Dollarama!

They seem to be light aluminium tubes covered in plastic - perfect! They appear strong enough to support laundry, but also lighter than the original wood, so easier to hoist up and less hard-wearing on the ropes and pulleys.

I'm a bit concerned about the pointy ends. Maybe once my friend B! starts doing the 3D print job I asked him about a week or two ago, I can also see if he wants to print some sort of replacement cap for these too.

Clothes drying rack hanging high in a log cabin.ow if only I had laundry to hang on them, but I'm suffering a double whammy here. The weather is finally nice enough that we have started hanging items outdoors. That and the fact that the Sonya washing machine gave some rather loud clunks out two days ago and now has died.

We're now waiting for its replacement, and will perhaps do an unboxing blog post on that for you.

In the meantime, enjoy these teaser photos of what will hopefully be a great solution to the damp laundry eventually messing up wooden slats.


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