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An Arm Longer For Cleaning Solar Panels


I hope that everyone was able to find a way to spend the past few days in a meaningful and peaceful manner.

Ourselves, we found that the
evolving situation with the omicron variant of the covid virus has made us rethink our travel plans, and as such we've spent the season here on the homestead exclusively with our local family - Mummu and Grandpa.

We were blessed to receive packages from Nana and Papa and Aunt V! and Uncle C! and Aunt S! too - we are so thankful that we live in a time where we could video chat as we opened them.

Getting back to my solar panels - one purchase I recently made that has outperformed my expectations was so simple, yet so effective, that I feel compelled to share it!

I use to climb a ladder on the uneven ground under our solar panels to clean them all winter. It wasn't the most pleasant chore - as I had to navigate snow drifts and a shakey ladder for the months between October and... May?

At the start of the pandemic,
I recommissioned the lumber I was going to use on a new sauna to create a small deck/patio off of our main cabin porch. This had the rather awesome unintended consequence of providing a stable base for me to put the ladder on all last season.
I'm totally ready for FestivusSo last Christmas, from the ladder I swept,
The top three panels, before using my deck.
This year, to save me from fears
I'll rave about my pipe so special. (special)

Conduit, sized for my pole
Lets me stay on the ground - all safe and sound.
This year, I needn't have feared,
I cleaned with no ladder to wrestle. (wrestle)

(apologies to Wham!)

Finglonger, eat your heart out.

Man sweeping his solar panels with a pole.Man with elf hat sweeping solar panels in the winter.Man connecting an extension to his pole in winter.

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