Modifying our Sauna Stove

Our sauna stove always seemed to have one fatal flaw – the fellow who welded it for us felt that he no longer wanted to weld regular steel to stainless steel. This meant that our stainless tank was just “hanging” off the back of the stove. There was about a 1/8″ gap between much of the tank and the stove, which was plenty enough for the insulating effect of the air to make it very, very challenging to get the water HOT hot.

Fortunately, our awesome neighbour J! had a welder, and was willing to help me do the modifications. I purchased the rod for him, as well as several grinder discs, and agreed to come back the next day to act as assistant.

But first we had to remove it from the existing sauna. I had planned on hiring some local muscles, but with Papa and I working very cautiously and with a dolly, it actually wasn’t that hard to get it out of the old sauna, down the stairs, and up onto the utility trailer I had built the previous fall.

Careful, careful…

We strapped it down and took it over.

Like a mighty hunter with his prey!
A very cautious drive to get updated.

The next day I waited for him to text that he was ready, and then rushed over. You can’t imagine my shock when it was completely finished! He had gotten up early and just started the project without me. A humbling and deeply appreciative experience I can assure you.

Much nicer fit! The water is sure to boil now!

We brought it back and waited for the sauna to arrive.

The sauna came the next day, and we had to cut the legs of the existing stove down with short notice – luckily there were still some discs for the angle grinder.

It fit perfectly after that!

Stay tuned for more on the next phase of our sauna shift.

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