Building a Sauna Platform

So we found someone to build us a sauna that seemed to tick off lots of our boxes. We wanted to have a bit of a deck to walk on around the sauna, so I opted instead to build another platform similar to the extra deck I built in the spring off the cabin.

First though, we needed a couple loads of gravel to level the area near the old woodshed, as well as to fill in some rough brush that never got gravelled over in past driveway enhancements.

Commence dumping!
Exactly the spot!

Between the arrival of the gravel and the arrival of the skid steer to level it, my parents arrived for a visit! It was amazing to see them after nine months of Covid-fueled separation.

…and Nana and Papa arrive with the rPod!
Skid steer arrives right after!
He makes quick work of leveling the area.

Papa and I set to work immediately and in only two or three days had a platform ready for the arrival of the sauna. It also did double duty as a nice location to sit and enjoy a cold beverage in the late fall sun.

Rough idea of the size and layout.
Putting things up on the blocks and getting the bones in place.
Kenny was a great help!
Quick work of the joists with Kenny there.
Laying out the floor boards. It’s pretty cool when you take the first steps.
Now time for a break for everyone except the photographer!
Platform accomplished!

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