Canned Green Tomatoes

I’m not a big fan of tomatoes at the best of times. I am indifferent to ketchup, the blandest of the bland condiments (although invaluable if you get some really bad french fries). I also don’t really mind pasta or pizza sauce. Salsa (or better yet Salsa-Mayo 50/50 mix) is good on nachos, but after that my indifference turns hostile. A slice of tomato on a burger or sandwich? Yuck! Or in a salad? Get outta here with that! It is such an overpowering, unpleasant flavour!

Well, it’s also a real common garden vegetable for people to grow – and Donna was no exception to the someone wanting to put some seedlings in the ground and enjoying the fruits of their labours.

Unfortunately, as is the norm here, our growing season can be quite short, and we ended up with mostly green tomatoes that showed little inclination to ripen on our window sill.

As such, on a sunny day, I decided to get them off the sill and into some empty canning jars I had available.

I diced them all up nicely, then added them to the jars with some different springs of dill from our garden. I added a couple tablespoons of vinegar to each jar, and topped them off with our Berkey water.

Like something from my nightmares!
Some dill for flavour.

Water and vinegar and dill all added.
Ready for the canner!

Following canning directions, I pressure canned them and only had one seal fail. Donna (and a little bit of Kenny – until he swallowed a dill seed) worked away at them. Donna says they’re okay on her salads – I’m reluctant to try them myself, maybe some other time…

Still bubbling!

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