Finishing Touches on the Deck

Building the deck and imagining hosting more guests in that space has made me want to make it a bit more cozy. With the corner posts in place, it was much easier to put up a nice sun screen. The other thing that made it a bit more comfortable was to run some jute cable around the perimeter as a bit of a visual cue for where the edge was. It isn’t tremendously high, but I’d hate to take a header off both it, and the cabin porch. As such, Kenny helped me to run jute right from the deck onto the porch and around the cabin itself.

Trying to remember how to tie a square knot vs. a Granny knot.
Left over right, then right over left – or something like that.
Ahhh, enjoying the fruits of our labour!

After a week, I noticed that the tension from the sunscreen was drawing the corner posts away from perpendicular to the ground, so I added my favourite construction technique – structural pipes! Then I also added more jute string to hold the sunscreen up even higher from the deck surface.

A process of continuous improvement.
A little decorative topper for the post.
And for this side too – also a good view of the garden bed bounty!

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