The End of an Era – Grandpa’s Woodshed Comes Down

Way back when we first built the yurts, Grandpa took charge of building us a woodshed to keep our winter supply out of the elements.

I scavenged the local shipping companies for pallets to get pressed into service, and in short order Grandpa created a sturdy and serviceable shelter.

With my later woodshed able to supply all our needs, and the new sauna planned to take over that location, the old shed finally had to be moved into a new phase of existence.

Of course, I chose a really hot, sunny day with loads of flies to start work. Kenny was awesome, pulling out a number of boards before the elements made him wisely bow out. I wasn’t so smart and pressed on to the end – enjoying a growing heat headache the whole time.

A two man wrecking crew.
Uh oh, structural integrity has been compromised!

Now I have a pile of pallets that I will likely cut up for the coming fire season, and a nice cleared spot to put up a new sauna.

Ashes to ashes, wood to wood.

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