Chili Dogs on the New Deck

So there was still some home-cut lumber left from the rack disaster/planned sauna, even after I turned it into some really nice garden beds.

I had planned on turning it into a small platform that we could set an outdoor table on to better enjoy the sun and wind during the brief summer season. It was Donna who suggested that instead of a completely separate patio – why not attach it to the existing porch so we didn’t have to transition from the “cabin” to the patio.

Once I had internalized the idea, I realized just how good it was and set to work. To my mind, it went surprisingly quickly, even if I was the only one working on it! The joists were all from leftover lumber, and I got some more rough cut pine for the deck boards themselves. At the time of our first Chili Dog and Tater Tot meal, I hadn’t yet put up all the good corner posts – but I clamped one up so that we could have a bit of a cover from the sun. Stay tuned for a view of the finished product!

Our first meal! Stay away from the edge though – it’s a bit of a drop.
The tastes of summer!

Oh yeah, I purchased an electric grill so I wouldn’t have to worry about propane or charcoal around the homestead. I’ve moved the awesome green charcoal hibachi to camp, where it’s already been pressed into service to make some delicious meals there!

A fun new way to grill! Solar power for the win!

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