Wildlife on the New Game Camera

So a year or two ago I bought a few game cameras to monitor and better secure the homestead. We’ve only had one or two occasions (that we’re aware of) when unrecognized vehicles have come up the driveway and then shown themselves back out again, but that was enough for us to want to know if anything untoward occurred, we’d at least have an idea who or what transpired.

Unfortunately, this past winter must have been too much for the cameras. They both stopped turning on this spring at around the same time, so we missed out on pictures for some months – luckily nothing has happened that we feel we lost out.

In any case, I ordered up a single replacement camera at first, and it arrived just last week. We installed it, and bang! Right away we got our first snap – it occured only twenty minutes after Donna left for work; she was followed down the driveway by this lovely deer. (Who I believe I saw again just this morning on the side of the road by our entrance).

I went to order a second camera, but the price had increased 50% in the past two weeks, and that was too much for me to take, so I ordered a different one of similar specs and a similar price, and I guess I’ll get to compare and contrast the two in future. I’ll keep you posted if there’s anything you need to know.

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