The Wood Rack Moves On

So last spring you may remember that the lumber I had cut to build a new sauna had an accident while resting on the drying rack I had purchased.

As also mentioned, I had a very busy summer, and never did get to building that sauna. I believe we’ve decided that we’ll look into purchasing a kit or pre-built sauna this year, depending on the Covid-19 situation.

So last weekend, with some help from Kenny and Donna, we managed to unload the rack. I used my angle grinder to cut off the bent and broken legs, and with some grunt work and battered shins, managed to haul the rack up to the large quonset.

It has a lovely home in the back of the quonset now. Perfect for storing the off-season tires, as well as the ATV ramps and my jaws ladder. I think there’s likely room for other stuff too – we’ll see. At the moment, it looks so nicely organized I don’t wish to mess with it.

Gosh it looks good there. Maybe I could have spaced the shelves further apart, but I can live with this.

Just to be sure that it doesn’t have another “tippy” accident though, I used the straps from the ATV ramps to fasten the rack directly to the quonset. This should help greatly with stability.

There, that can’t fail!

I shouldn’t require the straps quite as much now that I have built that trailer to move the ATV back and forth on.

As for the lumber that was on the rack, we ferried it back and forth from the former sawmill location to our cabin, where we have been assembling some raised beds to greatly expand our gardening hobby.

Well, professional pilers we aren’t, but hopefully I can start cutting this up soon.
Already have a good start after using the remains of the other beds and sauna test boards.

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