The Post in Which I Lose My Keys Again, and Find Them Within the Hour

Well, I don’t know that I need to link to the post where I lost my keys, seeing as it’s the previous one to this post. But well, Proverbs 26:11 (yes, this is also a hint to the hidden code in the previous post) continues to ring true.

As Kenny and I prepared to walk up for the mail, I noticed that the mail key was not “in its’ home” – a euphemismish phrase for “is this object in the place where it should rest?” I felt my pockets from yesterday – nope, not there. Then I checked my pants pocket.

GROAN! These were my holy pants – the ones with a hole in the right, front pocket! Keys have already fallen through that hole TWICE previously, but Kenny has retrieved them immediately as he usually walks just slightly behind me. Sigh.

We grabbed both the spare key we had cut previously, as well as the rusty key that had been lost and was then found.

The mail pickup was uneventful. A flyer, and a spare power supply for this laptop. The original key worked, even if it was a bit beat up from a winter under the snow and ice on the shoulder of the road.

Luckily, on the walk home, there she was. Just a few hundred metres further down the road from where I had first found the old set of keys – yesterday’s keys.

No worse for wear!

Now – do I remember to patch the hole? Or repeat my folly?

Time to mend?!

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