The Post in Which I Find My Keys

Look at this:

Under most circumstances, I would have simply walked past this rusty “garbage” lying on the bridge close to our mailboxes – but these weren’t “most circumstances”. You see, on a previous walk to our mailboxes back in deepest winter, I arrived home to sadly realise that I no longer had the mail key in my pocket. And with it was lost my favourite key tag. 🙁

Kenny was sure it flew out while jogging, but I was wearing boots and a parka, so it was unlikely that that was a day when we chose to run. I did remember visiting our neighbour, B!, but a search of his living room turned up nothing. In any case, we quickly borrowed Mama’s key and had a replacement (or two) cut the next time we visited the city.

Eventually I intend to replace this tag – it was a well-loved gift from Nana, but I don’t think it’s in any condition to be pressed back into service again. I’m not sure what I can put there again, likely some uninspiring swag.

15 years ago, when Donna and I purchased our first home in Kitchener, we received mail delivery “to our door”, but now that we live in some definite “rural” surroundings, things like mail keys are vital and important items. In fact, I now only carry three keys on my ring – two vehicle keys, and the mail key (detachable, I have a similar clip to what you see in this photo on the replacement key).

24 hours ago I was sure that my treasured “Star Wars” key chain was forever lost, but what a difference a day – and a keen eye – and some luck can make! And speaking of a keen eye, can anyone solve the secret puzzle I have hidden in this post for eagle eyes to spot? It’s not nearly as hidden as my keys were! Let me know in the comments!

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