Just How Disgusting Can a Keyboard Get?

I’ve learned an interesting lesson. HP Elitebook keyboards work just fine, but the spaces between the keys sure are a magnet for less than appetizing gunk. Consider the keyboard when purchasing a new computer.

To mitigate this situation I have in the past purchased silly putty – just pressing it hard on the spaces between the keys. It was easy to be delighted with the amount of hair and fuzz and other gritties that came out. But when some unusually large speck of undigested beef (or something) got lodged under the home row the other day, I decided it was time to deep clean the offending interface.

I removed all the keys and X mechanisms, getting increasingly disturbed as I progressed until I finally was faced with this monstrosity.

In view of this, I washed all the keys in water and dried them in a wrapped up towel. I cleaned off the surface of the keyboard, and then contacted a client who was looking for anything to replace his dying Windows 7 desktop and offered him a replacement machine for cheap. Win/win. I’m not going to replace the keys (I’d rather buy a replacement keyboard at this point), and after purchasing my much lighter Acer Swift 1, I wasn’t really using that heavy old machine anyway.

Keyboards can get disgusting guys. Stop slurping ramen and eating chips while doing your digital work! (Who am I kidding? Just get a membrane cover for your keyboard…)

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