Changing from Blogger to WordPress

Whelp, after over a decade just letting Google handle everything and currently being even MORE isolated than living in the forests of northern Ontario could be (is this an outdated reference when you are reading this?), I’ve finally decided to take more of an interest in the back-end hosting and control of my blog. I also have been realising that Google can and will kill projects it doesn’t like with the loss of two properties that I loved dearly over the years. (Reader and Cloud Print, if you must know. And while I didn’t really “get” Wave, I was shocked at how quickly it got tossed on the heap just ahead of Buzz and Plus). (Thanks to XKCD for the above hover image).

And so here we are. I’ve owned the domain for as long as I have been blogging, and just pointing it to Google, and running ads, all in the hopes that I’d make big coin. Instead, when I view it from other computers, I see lame ads, that have made me $100CDN over the course of eleven years of blogging. I don’t think it’s much worth it. So for now, ads are off. Donna has been dabbling in side hustles, and talks about “affiliate links” – maybe I will explore those in future if I want to try to monetise my thoughts again, but obviously they aren’t even worth the proverbial penny (long discontinued here in Canada).

If you are reading this post after an email alert from Blogger, and you want to continue to receive updates, I’d strongly suggest subscribing here on my own site!

Hopefully you are still interested enough in my sporadic posts to subscribe. The box is over there on the right (as long as I don’t move it) up at the top, then again, if you’re on mobile, it’s probably below this post. I’ve tried to put up the most important boxes over there again for your use. I’m happy to hear feedback about the layout and look of the blog.

That’s about it. I’ll try to keep posting my usual mix of little things I find interesting, along with mistakes I make trying to navigate self-employment, marriage, ageing, parenting, homeschooling, high AND low tech solutions to my day to day problems and whatever else I think is blogworthy.

As always, say hi in the comments – those are what keep me going!


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