Storm Windows Again

Whelp, this year now that the cabin framing has been completed, I decided that even if they are scratched and dirty, I’ll put the acrylic storm windows back up and see how well they work.  I put some of the thin film on the patio door, and it bulged in like a balloon right away!  I guess those patio doors are VERY leaky!

Because of the new trim and framing around the windows – the old pieces generally didn’t fit without some tweaking.  I tried doing that with a combination of my circular saw and my band saw.  Maybe I shouldn’t have sold my unopened, brand new table saw to the fellows who did the trim work!

I think my face says it all here.  Grrr.

Moved further from the saw, that helps.  Note the bright sun and light snow – the snow on the porch roof was melting and creating lots of ice-cold run off at that perimeter.

In any case, in spite of one chipped corner, and loud squeals, and tiny flying chips of acrylic, the cutting didn’t go horrifyingly bad.

The tough parts are trying to install them in the upper windows of the main cabin – I really need to build a catwalk out to those areas in future I think.  I wonder…???

Capturing my best side.
Still a tight fit.  Using the old fist hammer to get it in place.

Something I tried previously, and went all-in on this year was putting Dollarama drapery tension rods in the window frames to help hold the acrylic in place – the tape sometimes was wanting when it came to the entire piece, especially when there was air pressure and dampness involved.

Taping the edges with painter’s tape – I splurged on cream coloured tape this year rather than the cheap green stuff – So decadent!  Nota bene: the drip marks down my back from the ice water off the porch roof.

I’m going to order a few new pieces – during me bringing the old ones out of storage, several fell and broke – Kenny can attest to my near curses and cries of “no no NO NO!” as they fell like dominoes and shattered.

Hopefully I can come up with improvements each year.

Oh yeah, we’re already 10% into our woodpile.

Cleaning the filthy panes on our bed – only a guy would do something like that, right?  At least if you look carefully, you can see old bath towels underneath!

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