Pizza Topology

So we had a late Thanksgiving Dinner this year (late by Canadian Standards – it was the last weekend in October).  It was awesome.  Mummu and Grandpa and E! visited us, and we made mashed potatoes, turkey roll with stuffing, gravy, roasted turnip, rice, and rolls, and our guests brought cake and cheesecake for dessert.

A night or two later, I was ready for leftovers, but Kenny wanted pizza.  I compromised – pizza, but I get to put the leftovers on it!  Thanksgiving Pizza!  Outrageous!

Kenny wanted just plain pepperoni – I didn’t want either of us to wait for our pizzas to be ready – but the pan clearly couldn’t accommodate two pizzas at the same time – or could it?

Creative pre-cutting to the rescue!

Pretty much the whole deal, right here.

But now with mashed potatoes on one.

And turkey/stuffing just dumped on.

Donna wanted the turnip on a bit – she can have it.  Who am I?  Baldrick?

I am so smrt!

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