No Hem Hem

So I wake up at midnight.  Bummer – can’t get back to sleep.  It’s still almost four am and here I am blogging.

At about one thirty, laying in bed, I’m thinking about insulating the windows and other window-related stuff, when it occurs to me that later today I’m to be at Mummu’s and I had wanted to hem our “drapes” as for the past two or more years, the bottom has been dragging on the floor and the back of the chesterfield.

Roomba fodder – not to mention the rolling cart parks on it and it just looks untidy.

Suddenly, as only late night ideas do, it came to me out of the blue…


Looks fine, maybe even good!  And no sewing required!

Did I just admit that it took me over two years to think of this?

Beauty!  I think there’s even a name for this effect – a topper?  Ahhh, it’s a cafe curtain with a faux valance.  There you go!

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