Protecting Mama’s Car

So this year we set up a much large quonset shelter for Mama to park her car in during the winter.  Of course, on one of her test parks with Kenny in the back seat, someone opened their door a bit too vigourously and banged it against the steel support posts of the shelter.

No harm was done, but we didn’t look forward to future occurrences.  Mama suggested I pick up some pool noodles to wrap around the poles – an ever so clever idea!  Unfortunately, pool noodles are no longer in the dollar stores at this time of year.  They don’t trot out the spring/summer merchandise until more towards the end of January.  (Not sure if I’m exaggerating or not on that point…)

But I’m always happy to find new uses for old products – and what is a pool noodle other than a colourful version of regular pipe insulation?

Kenny and I bought three lengths, chopped it in half, and it was already pre-split down the side!  Perfect!  A few zip ties, and now we’re slamming doors to our hearts content!

My awesome personal assistant!  He needs a raise!

Tie wraps work just perfect here.

Three sections should cover all possible car positions.

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