Shoveling Manure – Keeping it Real.

So it’s September, time to muck out the humanure hacienda!  This year it wasn’t quite as overflowing as usual, so it hasn’t been too bad (I haven’t quite finished yet).

Of course, I’m only taking out one side of the enclosure – so it has had a year to decompose.  I can assure you that there’s nothing scary there.  I can identify some eggshells, and the occasional bone, but all the turds have long since returned to dust.

The sawdust breaks down so slowly, that I’ve realized that it will be more like decades before this stuff could actually be useful as compost.  As such, I’ve spread it in a few different locations, but this year again, I found a lovely spot at the top of the ravine where I have been throwing brush.  I spread the sawdust on this area, and dream of a few hundred years from now when it could actually form a dam across the ravine, and bring back a lovely river!

Nice fresh trailer, ready to go!

Makes for a good chance to listen to a podcast.

Can you believe the pile was originally up over the top edge?  It really shrinks!

Trailer just about full!

And now dropping it on brush in the ravine.  Ashes to ashes…

It’s going to be awhile before it reaches the bottom of the ravine, let alone crosses it!

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