Follow-up to Aeration for Iron Mitigation – Problem Solved?

I don’t want to get ahead of myself or jinx things, but there has been a definite and very noticeable difference in the water situation since I began aerating the well water on a daily basis.

Previously, water taken directly from the tap and boiled on the woodstove suffered severely from the iron being concentrated – as we poured out the kettle or the insulated bottle, the final second or two of the pour would suddenly be full on brown.  We only used this water for washing dishes, and they were always rinsed again afterwards, so while it was annoying, it wasn’t severely distressing.

In any case, since the aerator has been operating, this has no longer been happening.  The water in the bottom of the kettle or insulated bottle has been as clear as the top pour.

I’m really, really excited.  I’ll be sure to follow up if things change back again.

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