A Recipe For Using Up Leftover Pizza

So the other day Kenny and I were in the city until late.  Mama gave us permission to bring home pizza for supper, and I grabbed two “Hot N Ready” from “Little Seizures.”

By the time we arrived home and were able to commence eating, it was revealed that our eyes were much larger than our stomachs, and we ended up with essentially a whole pizza uneaten.

Mama repackaged it neatly and put it in the fridge for future consideration.

I wasn’t enthused with the notion of reheating this particular brand – the crust gets rock hard very quickly – moreso than its competitors.  So I came up with this solution.  It’s essentially one of those “make-ahead” breakfast bakes.

I cut the pizza into ribbons and squares, and arranged it in a baking dish.  If we had a true casserole dish, I would totally have gone that route.

Just a jumble of Tetris pieces.

I like to make our own alfalfa sprouts, so I threw the last of them on.

Ewww, looks like fuzz!

We had some leftover spinach, so on it went too.  Also the last of the sliced cheese – not as much as I would have liked, but hey, we can’t all win the Cooper’s Hill Cheese.

Cheese makes everything better.

Then I scrambled nine eggs with nine tablespoons of milk (the perfect ratio for scrambled eggs, I must say.)

I like to put them into a mason jar, pop on the lid, and just a few shakes to scramble.

I poured the mixture on top of everything, and put it in the fridge for the day.

The eggs only fill up about half at this point, but they double in volume when baked.
Lid on, ready to soak for hours in the fridge.

Baked in the oven at – you guessed it: 375 degrees “Frankenstein” for 45 minutes (well, with a woodstove, you just bake stuff until it’s done…)

Already gone through the first trench!  Smiles all around! [Dim evening light made photo fuzzy?]

It turned out really well!  I slathered mine with leftover french onion chip dip and barbeque sauce for so, and I was in flavour country!

Chip dip and pizza are a match made in tongue heaven!

Definitely a great way to use it up – especially if it’s a bit stale!  The egg mixture rehydrates the bread nicely!

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