Expensive Stovetop Thermometer Review (First Impressions)

So last Thursday I got the call from Purolator that a parcel had arrived from Condar Canada – unfortunately it came too late for me to drive to their depot to pick it up.

Condar is the company that imports the thermometer from the U.S., so I knew that’s what it was.

Kenny and I had no excuses to return to the city until yesterday when I had to return to the hospital for a set of yearly tests.  We ran many errands, including visiting two of our rental houses, and then picked up not one, but TWO parcels at Purolator!  I’ll let the other parcel be the subject of a hopefully near future review.

In any case, we got home last night and I plunked down the new thermometer alongside the old.  I’ll let the pictures tell the tale:

“Not Fair!” you say?  Okay, I’ll move them closer together…  (Golly, that kettle looks dusty!)

Note that the firebox is actually on the left side of the stove, so that thermometer is closer to the flames.

It’s cool that they made one thermometer that works on both the flue, as well as the stovetop, and doesn’t shackle us with the strange and demented system that is Fahrenheit.  It’s quick and easy to read, and useful in multiple situations.  Kudos so far.  At that temperature, my non-contact gauge was reading just a shade over 350 – so it seems to be accurately calibrated to my mind.  I’d be melting my stovetop trying to get the Chinese thermometer to register as “Overheat”.

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