Happy New Year 2019!

We returned from a Christmas break to find the cabin a rather chilly -9.  It took two days before we got it back up above 20 (although we did return to the city to spend the night with Mummu and Grandpa).

Thankfully J! from next door kept our driveway clear while we were gone, and even shoveled the steps and deck so we could get inside easily.

There must be a dip in the water line between the tank and the bathroom – even though I drained the water lines, it seems the bathroom is frozen.  Hopefully it will thaw eventually now that we are keeping the cabin much warmer.

Note to self – even empty thunder box pails still smell.  I set one inside before we left, and the cabin had an off smell for the first day after we were back.  I won’t do that again.

I think the intake valve on the washing machine may be damaged from a little bit of freezing – the cold water is a constant trickle, whether the machine is on or not.  That’s not good.  I switched the line over to the hot intake and it still works good, but of course, only halfway through the load did we realize that it then switches over to a cold water rinse.  I’ll perhaps try to dismantle part of the machine and see if it can be fixed.  This is an economy Chinese machine, so I really doubt if parts or repairs are very easily had.

The woodshed is now 2/3 full.  Not sure if I should be concerned or not.  We’ll see how it progresses.  There is still a good amount of wood in the sauna shed, and the sauna is getting much less use than previous years thanks to my indoor “shower”.

We’re also closing on another house.  Exciting times!

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