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First Fire of the ’18-’19 Season!

Whelp, I was hoping it would never come, but here it is.

This morning it was 17.7 in the cabin, and I can see that at this moment it is 0.0 outside.

In an effort to promote and maintain familial happiness, I finally put a match to paper and wood and lit the first fire of our season. It has currently warmed the cabin to over 18, but it’s not roaring for some reason. I put in some large chunks of well seasoned birch, so at least it should go for awhile.

The main woodshed is full, which is nice. The sauna woodshed is three quarter’s full, which is honestly, more full than it’s been at the start of any given season, so there’s that.

Slightly worryingly is that the wood pile for the ’19-’20 season has only just begun – hopefully in the remainder of the month and up to Christmas, I can take advantage of the Brrr Months to get some wood put up for next year.

At least I can warm up large quantities of water now without using butane or watching the power levels 😀!

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