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Using Sour Milk To Make Quick And Easy Cheese In Our Rice Cooker

We were down to our last bag of milk. Luckily I had starred milk on our Wunderlist and made sure to purchase some more just as we started the bag.

Unfortunately, as I went to pour Kenny a glass from that final bag, he remarked something like “I don’t know if that’s a different kind of milk from usual, but I really don’t like it.” Immediately I sampled it and could taste the distinct acidity of milk starting to turn. I set the bag aside in the fridge and poured him a glass of new milk, and decided to take another spin at making cheese the next day.

I don’t know if I’m unique, but I still torment myself with embarrassment even over things that happened years and years and years ago. Often to such a degree that recalling those events causes me to cry out loud now, at my age. Fortunately Kenny has learned a bit about this quirk of his father’s, and when he hears me make these whimpers, if I reply that I’m just remembering something embarrassing to his queries, he soon lets the issue drop.

The title of this blog post is one of those embarrassing memories. Then again, as I start really embracing the dad joke, perhaps it isn’t so bad.

On the plus side, it was pretty much exactly the recipe I used for making cheese this time around. Cost of cheese – about $1.50, using milk that was going in the thunderbox anyway, so that’s not bad. It tasted like some sort of fancy gourmet cheese that would have been much more than $1.50 for 100gm, so I guess I came out ahead there. Thinking I should save some brine from feta, and put this in the brine to give it that same flavour. I may end up making my own cheese on a more regular basis?

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