Security / Game Cameras

A couple weeks ago at Canadian Tire, I picked up a few game cameras after we witnessed the lynx following some grouse along our driveway.  This coincided with a recent uptick in traffic on the homestead while we are away.

I figured that the game cameras could double as security cameras as well.

Slightly annoyingly, we’re sure that they’ve missed some critters, as we’ve seen tracks in front of the their field of view, but no pictures have materialized!

Similarly, there have been times that we know we drove past, but the camera has either been extremely slow in tripping and thus only shows the driveway, or it hasn’t tripped at all.

On the plus side, there are multiple cameras, so we can assume that in most cases, if one camera misses something, another will catch it.

I had planned on owning one more SD card than cameras, so that I could swap out the cameras in succession each night when we go for our after supper walk.  Unfortunately, after the first swap, I could no longer find the spare SD card.  I searched through all the bins in the corner where I THOUGHT I would have left it.

I cleared off the countertop with our computers in the family room of the cabin.  Not there either.

I figured it was a sunk (lost) cost, and purchased a new card.  I opened up the new card and sat it beside the computer.  After supper, while getting ready to go for the walk, I put the new card in my pocket, and then sat briefly on the chesterfield.

My hand slipped (for what felt like the first time ever) between the side of the chesterfield and the first cushion.  It felt an edge of plastic.  I slipped my fingertips around it and pulled out the missing SD card – NOT SIXTY SECONDS AFTER I HAD PICKED UP ITS REPLACEMENT FROM THE COUNTER.

I guess that’s another sunk cost, and at least I have a spare SD card, instead of just the memories of one.  Sigh.

Here are the first pictures of wildlife we’ve gained from the investment.

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