Partially Enclosing the Porch with Poly

Last week we got treated to a cold, wet blow of snowy rain on our north and east sides here at the cabin.  On the north side of the cabin is where we store firewood briefly before it comes into the cabin (so we don’t have to go all the way to the woodshed every time we run out of wood inside – we have a couple days’ supply built up in deep Rubbermaid tubs.)  As long as the lids are on these tubs, it isn’t really a big issue if the weather hits them, but in this particular case, it meant that every lid had a deep pool of freezing cold slush on it that had to be removed before we could bring in that wood.  I also don’t like how the snow blows up to the logs of the cabin and then melts there when the temperatures rise again.

Wood and sawdust bins close by.  Note the soaking wet deck.

Even worse, on the east side of the cabin, we sometimes leave our boots outside when we come in.  We came home during this weather event to find our boots soaked with cold snowy water.  Ugh.

No protection for the front entrance either.

For $25, I picked up a roll of medium strength poly tarp and for a few dollars more, some squeeze type clamps.

Medium weight poly.
These type of clamps are surprisingly expensive!

I cut some one inch by two inch strapping to the same height as the outside opening of the porch roof (78 inches).  I wrapped up some of the poly tarp around this strap, and then clamped it to one of the posts on the cabin.

I zig zagged through the posts to give the poly a bit more support, and then did the same thing at the opposite end of the porch.

The view from inside the porch now.  Feels actually cozy.
And in front of the entrance.  Hopefully it will offer a bit of protection.

It was hard to see through, but on the north side of the cabin, we only have a bathroom window that we sometimes look out of – so no worries there.

On the east or entrance side of the cabin, I didn’t enclose the whole porch, just in front of the door, so our view through the kitchen sink window is still unobstructed.

Fingers crossed!

I then wandered off to assemble our pop up garage, but returned shortly after to see this.


I retightened everything and made a note to purchase some more clamps for extra strength.

One new, extra clamp

And an alternate angle, showing the wood slat.

I’ll try to continue to report on how well it all works out.

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