A Pop Up Garage

So Donna is still making the daily trek into the city for work, and now that temperatures have dropped below zero, she’s starting to encounter frost and snow some mornings.

After a brief discussion about whether or not we could find a way to make the morning routine a bit easier, we green-lit the notion of a shelter for her to park in.

I consulted carefully with the Canadian Tire website, and opted for a rounded top ten by ten structure that seemed to fit the bill (ninja edit : it was on sale too, so the decision was swayed towards this particular size and model).  I think that in the future if the fabric does ever break down, I can easily (?) cover it with sheet steel and create something really solid!

Kenny and I spent the better part of the day assembling it in a very cold drizzle, but managed to not only get it put together according to specs, I even used some of the leftover railway spikes from constructing the cabin to hammer it into the gravel where we located it!

All set up, ready to accept a vehicle into it’s loving embrace!
With great excitement, I lined up the Echo and backed carefully in.

Looks good!
Nice and tight against the back fabric.
Uh oh…

Yup, I should have bought the fifteen footer.  Sigh.  Maybe measuring the vehicles would have been prudent?

Enough room to get in and out on the side ;).

At least there was room to get in and out of the vehicle without having to slide along the side of it.

The even more glaring issue is that the Hyundai that Donna drives is even longer.

Well, for now we’ll try having her just pull the front in, so she doesn’t have to scrape her window.  If it doesn’t work out, we do have need for a structure like this to park either the ATV or the bikes or things of that nature.

Bonus cold snek picture.

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