Sealing the Outside Crawlspace Vents

As you may have read, I have changed up how I seal the crawlspace vents.  Now it was time to take the final step and cut and fit some foam to them.

At least I didn’t need to put on the full kit it takes to go under the cabin.

From this for under the cabin…

…to this for under the porch.
This year I cheaped out and used some open cell polystyrene foam sheets that are really inexpensive.  Once I know that my concept works, I can switch it up with something more pricey.

Easy to cut, but also a bit messy.
The sheets were only an inch thick, so I inserted multiple sheets to build it up thick.
And the generally finished seal.

So far, it went well, and looks really good.  We’ll check in again in the spring and see how it holds up over the winter.

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