…And First Snowfall of the Season!

Yesterday we attended the NOHE to help us have a better background in the ins and outs of being a small landlord.  Afterwards we dropped by on one of our tenants to put up some blinds for them and have a bbq (as well as to enjoy their shower!)

They mentioned once or twice that there was supposedly a chance of snow overnight.  I saw the same thing on the local news broadcast just before pastry time as well, but it was really hard to imagine it.

At two a.m. this morning I woke up to a tingly bladder, and noted that the scene outside the patio doors was unusually bright – likely due to the nearly full moon (no, not mine – the real one – I do wear at least underpants at night!)

As you can imagine, without my glasses, I couldn’t see accurately, but upon sober second look, things weren’t the same…  shape…  outside.  I put on my spectacles to be treated to, well, a spectacle!  Everything was covered in a thick layer of snow.

I lay down, not sure if the proper reaction was excitement or dread – my body didn’t really care, it feels both of those emotions the same way.  I decided that it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.  I still would like to have more wood put up for NEXT winter, but at least this winter should be covered for the most part.

An Aiki tradition – the annual marking of the first snow in Donna’s windscreen.

I didn’t realize how much we seem to have a used car lot here!
Now I have to go through my mental checklist of things to ensure I’m prepared for.  Bring in things that shouldn’t be left out for the season…  Find the ladder and set it up to sweep off the solar panels.  Find the broom for the solar panels.  Dig out the oldest pile of humanure to make sure there is lots of room for this season’s contributions.  Maybe take a trip or two down the bush trail and bring in some logs that have fallen across the trail.

At least the pond didn’t freeze – today.  I think it was frozen yesterday though.

It’s likely best for me to make this list elsewhere, as it is sure to grow throughout the day.

A close up.  Is that a patio chair there?!  Another thing to put away!

Where are my winter boots?

Sauna looks very wintery!

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