Yet Another Clothes Line

When you live off-grid and don’t have easy access to gas or electric services, you start to really miss some things, and others, not so much.

One thing I’ve not really missed – especially since even when we had one, we didn’t use it terribly much, was our dryer.

Even back in the city, I had installed a clothes line in the rafters over our back porch, very similar to what I installed on the sauna here in the bush.

Now that we’ve moved washing operations into the main cabin though, it makes sense to keep the drying operations closer.

In addition to the very popular indoor drying rack, we also owned a pop up drying rack that I would set out on the deck as much as possible during the summer, and continue to use throughout the winter indoors just for extra space.  Unfortunately that rack met its’ untimely end after being overloaded and then subjected to a large gust of wind last week.  Go in peace our good friend.

So sad, those rods aren’t suppose to be on the ground!

I remembered that in the bush were the remains of a previous clothes line that had been abandoned when the line under the porch roof of the sauna was installed.  Kenny and I grabbed my larger ladder and headed out to retrieve any useful parts.  It didn’t take long to disassemble and bring it back to the main cabin.

I didn’t want anything that would in any way interfere with our ability to move around on the porch.  It’s somewhat cluttered enough already.  Also, the porch rafters on the cabin are at least a foot higher than the sauna, so I didn’t think anyone other than myself would be able to reach them comfortably.

With those points in mind, I decided to install a single line just along the outside edge of the rafters that Donna and I could access while not blocking any traffic.

Assembling my parts.  Don’t freak out by the dismembered rack in the background.

First some open cup hooks were installed at each end of the beam.

Open ended hook.

Then at each support post, I also installed an eye hook to help keep the line from sagging.

Eye hook.  Hopefully far enough under the edge that in light rain, clothes could still stay up?

I ran the remaining clothes line through the eye hooks and tied it off at each end.

I also installed a tension device to allow me to tighten the clothes line right away, and any time in the future that it may sag.

Easy adjustment down the line.

I loaded it up, and so far it’s worked great!  It only gets afternoon sun, but anything is better than nothing in life!  I wonder how long into the cold season we will be able to use it.  Time will tell.

Enjoy my unmentionables!

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