Using the LT10 Sawmill Again

Well I’ll be jiggered!  But let me explain – I only used the sawmill a handful of times last summer, culminating in the time Kenny dropped a 6×6 birch beam on his finger and I felt so bad that if someone had offered to just take my sawmill away I likely would have just let them.

Fast forward to a couple days ago when I realized it was a nice day, and I had time, but that I had done nothing to winterize the mill.  I poured a couple of glugs (it’s a real unit of measurement – honest!) of seafoam into the tank, then topped it off with petrol.  I was actually thinking I should be stingy with the petrol, on the assumption that I would have to remove the engine and have it serviced at KC Auto before I would be able to get it to start.

Stunningly, it started on the SECOND PULL!  I almost fell off the catwalk!  Kohler engines – I am sold!

In any case, I cut up a few logs into a small pile of true two by fours to likely put towards the new sauna.  One really great side effect was the sawdust that was produced – We had actually paid a bit to the local firewood guy to purchase some of his excess sawdust and chips in the spring!

A few two by fours to get warmed up!
A nice big bucket of clean, dry, natural sawdust for the composting toilets!

Today is grey and drizzling, I’ll likely skip the mill and just go under the cabin to open up the vents instead.  Then follow it up with a sauna.

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