Storing Acrylic Storm Windows

So now that we are ALMOST to the point where nighttime temperatures are reliable around the freezing mark or above, and daytime temperatures can get up to low twenties, it’s been tempting to open up the windows.

As such though, it became crunch time to come up with a place to store the acrylic.  I had a few different visions of nooks behind the chesterfield or under the beds, but felt that also finding a place that could accept the screens made sense too.

In the end, here’s the scheme I came up with.  We’ll see how it plays out over the next year or two.

(N.B. One picture reveals the dedicated photographer! Ed.)

First, a 48″x96″ sheet of 1/2″ plywood.

And choosing a spot to locate it.  Here, in front of the bedroom patio doors, up on that 2×6.

Four heavy duty hinges.

Set up some sawhorses to work comfortably at.

Another angle.

Measure out spots for the hinges at equal intervals.

Wanted to use 3/4″ screws, so I had to slide washers under the hinges to make sure the tips of the screws didn’t poke out on the far side and scratch my acrylic.

Nice perspective shot!

Now adding a 2×3 rail on the far edge for the sheets to butt up against.

Setting up a ladder to try to put this up by myself.

I mounted a single screw at one end, then carefully hoisted the other end into position.

Added a few more screws.

And a few more yet.

Getting ready to move the ladder.

I put the ladder underneath to prop out the shelf on an angle – to ensure the acrylic didn’t fall off!

Now laying a cotton sheet down so the acrylic wasn’t directly on the wood.  Note the ratchet straps now employed to hold up the shelf.

Working my way from right to left.

Time to switch to the far end. 
My photographer felt the composition here was of interest.

Now at the left edge, with the right edge falling off.  Sigh.

Trying to lift the right edge of the sheet.

And the left edge of the sheet falls off.

Tucking in the top much more carefully as I work right to left again.


Laying the first sheet down.

Looks good, crumpling up some painters tape that I removed from the acrylic as I was storing it.  Next year, I think I’ll try magnetic tape on the exterior.

Adding some of the larger sheets.

Now we’re getting there.

A good view of the ratchet straps.  Opened the patio doors as I felt there were no bugs.  Boy, was I wrong that evening as mosquitoes were EVERYWHERE in the cabin!

Got them all to fit!  Yeah so far!

Ratcheted it up.  It was good to have two straps so I could alternate them.

Lots of room underneath, and I can confirm that it doesn’t block any of the view from the bedroom.  I can use it for screens over the winter as well – I hope!

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