Canning Pancakes

Whelp, here’s a crazy experiment that may be of interest to my reader as I descend down the rabbit hole into gastronomic madness…

Canned pancakes, and no, not that Batter Blaster type of canning either.

First, I mixed up the batter as normal.

Totally normal batter.

Then greased a baker’s dozen of 250mL canning jars with butter.

I poured a quarter cup of batter into each jar, set them on a baking sheet, and into the oven they went for maybe twenty or twenty-five minutes.  I checked them at least once, didn’t see the harm in it.

That’s all of them full!
If it wasn’t for the flash, you’d see 350F here.

They don’t brown up the way they would if they were fried, they become more like a steamed pudding…  Anyway, once they were set, I pulled them out, poured a tablespoon of chocolate chips on top, and then put on the canning lid and ring and tightened it down.

Adding the chocolate chips.  They’ll melt a little in the jars as they cool down.

As they cooled, the lids suctioned down tight.

These are NOT preserved, but the presentation is fun.  I’m sure they’d last at room temperature for a couple of days or so – at least as long as something baked would do.

I’ll serve them up tomorrow to the homeschoolers coming to visit and hopefully they’ll be decently received.

I didn’t have a lid for the last one, and figured Kenny or Donna would eat it right away anyway.

Surprise!  I gave them some other pancakes I made at the same time, and they didn’t need the thirteenth, so when it cooled, I put on this plastic lid to store it for tomorrow.

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