Hopes for Spring

Yesterday I was able to can four kilos of chicken in two batches.  I’m still using the small pressure canner and really enjoy it – it works like a charm!

The sun was able to bring up the temperature outside to just above freezing.  Kenny and I also found the time to walk the five kilometers up to the mailboxes (no mail for us though).  It’s a nice walk; we get to talk quite a bit about physics and video games, our two favourite subjects it seems.

The other big event was that I was able to make my own version of nasi goreng exclusively in our rice cooker.  First I did about two hundred grammes of salmon in the steamer portion, then I scrambled two eggs in the bottom.  Next up I put in the rice, and drained the water from a can of mixed veggies, as well as the leftover water from the salmon poaching, into the rice, which was almost enough to cook it.

When the steamer clicked off, I added the fish, eggs, and veggies to the rice, and stirred it all up with some sesame oil, lime juice, lemon juice, sweet chili sauce, soy sauce and worcestershire sauce.  It was awesome at supper on tortillas with a healthy smear of peanut butter.

Anyway, enough of my recipe; the key takeaway (in case you’re not looking up at the calendar) is that the cabin was so warm from the sun and the canning and the cooking, that I didn’t bother lighting the stove fire last night – and no one noticed!

Gives me some hope that my dwindling wood supply will last.

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