Pushing Back the Snowbanks

Saturday was a clear, cold day, but they were predicting snow for overnight (which did come, although not too much).

I decided it would be better to try to get the ATV started sooner, rather than later, so I thought I’d do a quick pass on the driveway just for practise and to warm up/charge up the battery.

It took a long time to get it to finally start up, but it eventually did.  I did my quick pass, and then noticed that the bank pushed back with much less resistance than I expected.  I suppose that because our snow never went through any thaw/freeze cycles it was still fluffy all the way down.

Emboldened by this information, I spent the next hour or two going back and forth along both sides of the driveway pushing the banks back until I could feel the front of the ATV going off the driveway.  For once, I didn’t get stuck!

Now with the banks back nice and far, I can relax a bit and feel like I have a buffer before I need to call in anyone with a plough truck to actually move something heavy.

I never expected to get this far, so I never took the obligatory “before” picture.  It was about half this width.

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