Addendum to Warming the Batteries (Including Bonus Addendum)

While it’s been hard to quantify how much the heating pads on the solar batteries have helped, I can say that in spite of frigid temperatures, we haven’t lost power due to overvoltage, and the batteries have been ranging between 6 and 10 degrees in spread between their temperature and ambient.

Twice since the installation of the battery warmers, we’ve left the homestead and had to shut them off in spite of a surplus of power because we couldn’t or wouldn’t be sure to return home in time to turn the warmers off before the sun set.

Enter another brainwave – a timer!  I’ve often wanted to have the sauna on a timer, as we regularly end up leaving the power on out there after we take steam, and while the draw is tiny, I am prone to obsess over tiny things.  I couldn’t find one that had longer than an hour on the clock locally, so I did what everyone does nowadays – off to Amazon!

I found a lovely one that ranges between five minutes and four hours.  Pretty much perfect for my use case!

Multi flavoured panel n’est-ce pas?

I installed it in about ten minutes, and it worked great right away!  Another win?


Sunday morning was the morning where the cold snap finally broke.

Comparing the ambient temperature to the batteries (which we didn’t heat at all on Saturday), they were the same.  This sure makes me feel that I’m on the right track trying to warm them.  I’m running the generator (it’s very hazy – that’s why it’s warm), and will heat them again and see if I can get a good spread between them and the outdoors…

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