Warming Solar Batteries With Heat Pads – The Next Morning Followup

As I said in my previous post about actually installing the heat pads, I would report back the next morning and let you know how different things were.

You can see that the ambient outside temperature is -19.2.  It’s also chilly inside, the fire went out and as per our frozen water line, the crawlspace door is open…

Actually, as I am typing this, the temperature has dropped to -20.0.  It’s always coldest just as the sun is rising.

And the batteries are at -13 degrees.

They actually dropped to -14 at the same time as the ambient dropped an extra degree.
So there are two interpretations I suppose.  We managed to keep the “spread” between the two temperatures to about 6 degrees from last night’s eight.  That’s pretty good I think!
Oh wait, it only got about 4 degrees colder ambient, but the batteries dropped 5 or 6 degrees…  They got colder faster than the world outside!
Now how do I feel about things?  Well, I guess rationally, knowing that they are still likely warmer than if I had done nothing at all is gratifying.  I just have to see if it’s enough to allow them to:
  1. Take and give off more charge.
  2. Not go so high as to cut off all power for the cabin.
Stay tuned!

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