Water Line Frozen?!?!

Don’t panic, it’s not a TOTAL disaster.

The water in the bathroom has stopped running.

The tap’s on full, but no dice!

Funny, when I washed my hands yesterday morning it did seem a bit slow, and I even wondered if the line COULD be freezing up, but dismissed the notion immediately as ludicrous, as it had never happened before and everything else in the cabin was working fine.

Whelp, then just after lunch, Donna reported that the water wasn’t running in there anymore.  Sigh.

I have the tap open wide, and am trying to direct some of the heat from the cabin into the crawlspace.  Hard to imagine how long it may take for it to make a difference, but one can only try one’s best…  At least the cabin is still warm, and water is running in the kitchen, so that’s still light years beyond our water issues of the past…

Oh, before anyone gives me any extra good ideas – the water line for the bathroom is embedded directly in the floor – so I can’t just crawl underneath and try to thaw the pipe directly.

After almost taking a header, I’ve since put two buckets right in front of this hole.  Can’t imagine how long it will take to thaw out the crawlspace.

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