Adding a Calendar to the Aikihomestead Blog

Not long ago while discussing with Donna about how it would be nice to record important events around the homestead either online or offline, it came to me that perhaps I could somehow do it using a Google Calendar and make it available to anyone who views the blog, if they were interested.

I have investigated it slightly, and think I have ciphered out a solution, but the proof will be in a combination of seeing if I keep up entries on it, as well as if both myself and you the reader utilize it.
At first I tried to have it as a sidebar gadget, but the only sensible arrangement there would have been an agenda view, and Google automagically removed entries older than the current date, so that made it very useless.
Currently I have compressed it vertically a fair bit and have just a week view at the top of the blog.  Hopefully it’s unobtrusive, while still giving a bit of recent information.
If you get a chance, let me know if you have any interest in the data there.  I’ll try to add more and more as I think of it.

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