Harvesting Our Christmas Tree

Yesterday Kenny and decided to try to walk up for the mail.  It was sixteen below, so I insisted he wear his snow pants and a scarf.

About halfway there he declared that he would be unable to continue because he was way too hot!  I suggested that perhaps to make up for our reduced exercise time, we could fetch our Christmas tree instead – and he agreed!

We returned home, and while he removed his snow pants, I got out a tow rope and my pull saw.

My assistant is ready to go!

Once he was back outside, we strapped on our snowshoes and headed into the bush.

The forest was beautiful and peaceful.

We worked our way back to the spot where Mama had picked out the tree, and found that they looked remarkably different when covered in snow!

Now which one of these did Mama say looked best?!

I managed to cut it down and drag it to the trail, where I realized that it was probably a few feet too high, so I cut off a bit more from the base of the trunk, hooked it to the rope, and started dragging it home.

All yoked up.  You can sense the sincerity in my smile.

This was a good workout!  Let me assure you!  My glasses were completely fogged by the time I got it back home.  I removed a few more limbs from the base, and then ordered Kenny inside to handle the door.

It went through the door better than I expected, and immediately began to drip water everywhere.  I didn’t have the tree stand ready, so Kenny steadied the tree while I assembled the bolts and tried to tighten them rapidly.

Are you SURE you have it?

We got it all set up, and then it tipped over.  I righted it, and then added a string from one rafter to another, wrapped around the crown, to ensure that it remained upright.

Well, it’s a step up from a Charlie Brown tree!

Today we may try to start decorating!  Exciting times!

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