Burning the Brush Piles

In keeping with Grandpa’s tradition, we store up the brush we cut around the cabin for a year or so to let it dry out, and then after the snow is in the forest but before it gets too deep, we burn the piles, sending those nutrients back to the soil and eliminating the untidy pile without having to drag it somewhere to rot out slowly.

We also wanted to give Grandpa the chance to supervise the activity.  Both as an excuse to invite them out for a nice meal (Donna made a roast with gravy, potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic bread.  It was fantastic!), and because I didn’t feel completely comfortable setting such a large fire myself, in spite of knowing that it couldn’t get out of hand with all the snow around.

Mummu and Grandpa arrived shortly after nine and Grandpa set to work immediately.  The food was actually ready to eat shortly after ten due to an early prep, so it was set to keep warm until after lunch, when Grandpa took a sauna, and then we broke bread together.

Proud of his fire lighting ability.
This punky old skid went up much faster than I expected!  Skids burn no matter how wet they seem to get!

Yup, we actually had three piles going at once here.  There is another green one further back, and a huge, long one in the ravine to burn next fall.  All the brush clearing I’ve been doing has really created a glut of brush!

Things are almost burned out after only a couple hours.  It got warm enough that Grandpa took off his jacket most of the time, and the trees overhead rained down all the snow still in them.
That evening it actually rained!  So for the first time that I can recall, the piles weren’t even smoldering the following morning.

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