Quick Tip: How To Remove Your Ash Pan Without Making (As Much Of) A Mess

Here’s another quick tip!

In the past while removing our ash pan to empty it outside, we had a real struggle with ash flying up inside the cabin, especially while removing it, and then again while opening the front door, and then again if there was ANY breeze at all outside.

Lately, I’ve been taking our cleaning caddy and using the spritzer from it to spray a fine mist on top of the ashes as I slide the pan out of the stove.  Not nearly enough to soak the whole pile, but it forms a very thin layer of misted ash on top and I cannot see any fine dust arising anymore until I finally dump the whole pan outside.

Generally the stove is still warm enough that the light misting down below is inconsequential, and I likely wouldn’t be phased much by a little rust on the ash pan if that ever were an issue, but again, the pan is usually warm enough that it dries immediately anyway.

It’s made a real improvement to our perception of how much dust the stove is producing – and makes emptying the ashes less of a dreadful chore, and now just a chore.

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