Followup To Boxing In The Stovepipe

After completing the boxing in of the stovepipe in the attic, I decided to wait until we had a nice hot fire to go up and check how things were working out up there.

A few nights ago Donna had it chugging merrily away and then remarked how according to our stovetop thermometer, we were well into the “overburn” zone, and had been for some time.

Always one to turn things to an advantage, I closed the vents a bit, grabbed our non-contact thermometer and headed up to the attic.

I was pleased as punch to find that while the attic space itself was still rather cool, the boxed in area of the stovepipe was slightly below our room temperature downstairs!  That makes me feel that it’s probably not in the remotest amount of danger under anything approaching normal circumstances.

I’m putting this one just over the line into “successful idea” territory.

Establishing a base temperature of the attic outside the box.

Inside the box, with a merry fire chugging away – a comfortable but not nearly worrisome temperature.

A picture of how things look.  Nothing of concern that I can see.

And another reading of the stone wool insulation down in the base.

Another reference just outside the boxed in area, but still up high.

And at the opposite end of the attic.  Remarkably consistent!

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